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Aaaaah! That’s so sweet. I adore your stuff

your art is great

Im making me a new monster girl and this is all she shall be wearing

now i need to lay down a bit.. I bet some of you wont be surprised to hear im sick..Again

and yes this cloak have a tail


I sketched something in Sai using markers.

I was chattin’ with my bf about Ocs having OCs and it’s kind of weird and confusing but still really funny to think about.

1500 follower gift

Neon @ scikosis 

thznks everyone

Alright I made it back home! Time to do the 3 great B

Butt, Boobs & Bae

im looking after the kid, i want to draw, got no tablet

have this crude mouse pad drawing of Beop


Good, now I have your attention. Before skipping to the free art part I got a few things to say.

First sorry if I may be all over the place/unfocused art wise and slow with my askblog updates. Lot of shitty things happen irl and great stuff happen online but tend to be too nice for me to focus.. So yeah.. Im either too down or too jumpy lately. Other thing is that I wont be drawing a good part of the afternoon as I will be out watching kids :/

Now the free art part. Maybe you remember when I said I was stopping giving art every 100 followers, and decided to give some every 500.. I reached 1500 followers today! Ill be picking one follower and make then a picture. I wont tell before hand who it is, they wont be choosing what I will draw for them (most likely one of their OC) . It will be a complete surprise as I used to do.

Why only one instead of 3 like i used to? because 3 is a lot of work and as I explained previously, Im not in my best time right now, unfocused and all yadda yadda

Anyway Im gone for now, when I get back I will be working on that art, my blogs and everything.

wilsonthenderman asked: hopefully you don't avoid other minecraft art blogs just for being in that fandom? i assume you don't but i'm just curious.

no i dont avoid any blog due to their fandom no

Anonymous asked: What kind of monster girl is Beeop

To be honest I dont really know

She’s just..a thing

a blue-flame breathing salamander thing with big ears? idk

Anonymous asked: Why did you leave the minecraft fandom in the first place?

because DRAMAs too many

even when i put myself just on hiatus people were sayin’ around that I accused people for copying while I was only minding my own business away from MC

coreytheenderman asked: how do i draw feathers?

I usually draw them that way when single

but end up making them less detailed when theres tons of feathers