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crayonkat asked: I've noticed you get a lot of really entitled jerks who think they can tell you how you should or shouldn't do something. I want you to know that I really admire your style and how you do things. If you want to change something up, do it. If you don't, don't. Either way I think you're great at what you do and no one has the right to tell you to stop or change how you do it.

thank you pal. I try my best not to pay attention to negative comments (unless they are constructive and not rude) I will try to relax and go back to my normal work asap ad update my askblog

Anonymous asked: From a new follower: I love seeing your art come across my dash! Your style is adorable and all your characters are cute. Hope you feel better soon! c:

thanks a lot, it mean a lot to me


Anonymous asked: Is someone really going to complain about the color blue you use? That's silly. It's a pretty blue gradient.

I use the “white skin” colors, flesh and shade of grey more than that gradient

j2miner-the-templar asked: Don't you think you use the blue-jelly color a little to often?

I have 40+ Oc and design out aof all only Glasgo, Vescao, Macline use the full “blue-jelly gradient 

3 out of 40+ (4 if you count the arly-thing i did in the vent art)

i use similar blues on other OCs but they are still pretty different


i use single bright blue element to other oc like Jin’s eye (that i mainly draw as black dots), Flannele’s hair, Tear Diva’s eyes and thats about it

jayisbutt replied to your photo

ahaha it looks like the girl from aladin


Anonymous asked: i know you said you're not very good with making buildings, but could someone commission you to make a building or no?

depends i guess, if you want me to draw you Dracula’s castle with bajilions of pillars and sculptures you can expect a no. simple things like the bar I drew I guess, maybe. But I have no idea how much I would price such thing and as I said im not very good.. i dont think selling poorly draw houses is the best idea. I dont know

i want both SCP-999 and SCP-458 right now

it would help a lot

rabbureblogs replied to your post:all i did yesterday was chibis and sketches,…

Get that shit DONE Arly! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

thanks for the cheer up

well im not starting well on my “getting shit done” day..

all i did yesterday was chibis and sketches, beside that one porn art. I really need to get shit done today