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dont leave me so soon honey, dont be in such a rush..

you know what? I shall call you ian now..

cuz you’re in a rush..ian..

rush ian..

get it?

natsuruyashimi replied to your photo

Wow… that’ a big step up from “Nerd!” O_O Aaaaaand now i’m afraid of Beop.

she’s only like that when she loses at shootin’ games

fixed my dA fuckups

so two days ago i had scheduled a bunch of pics on dA since i haven’t updated it for ages. one art a day planned til mid november

i forgot i did that the next day and cleared most of my sta.sh including 80% of the scheduled pics

i just now realised what i did and now i hate myself

warm up sketch

slugbox asked: /gives arly all power.

Anonymous asked: now im exited to see porn of them

saying i have an explanation for this would be a lie..a big fat lie…

did a lil changes on them

im feeling way too lazy to finish it so Ill leave her be like that, no hands, no tail