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tentacles are fun to draw

not sure who i should draw here

at least i know she’ll be a busty person :l

Anonymous asked: That animatronic Jin and Ryth post made me think of this: Five Nights at Lumen's. Jesus that'd be so spoopy.

I acutally though of heach roles

Foxy = Sergei (fucking canine running around like crazay)

Bonnie = Ryth

Chica = Jin

Freddy = Dan (bears duh)

Gold Freddy = Sircatheeth (because more subtle part)

Dead dude on the phone = Nicolai (we needed the best voice for that part huhu)

Sercurity guard freaking out = Lumen (she always keep an eye on all those dudes)



Sketched Beop as a warm up today and decided to throw some colour on it. She’s so cute <3. 
Excuse the roughness dksskfdgbfk

Me likeh~

Anonymous asked: Do you use a tablet?


I have a Wacom Bamboo Pen CTL-470

because of DI

anon were wondering how long it takes me to draw. This piece took me about 35 minutes

cinnabarbie asked: HI YOU'RE AMAZING K BYE

Oh gosh you fool! You’re the amazing one!

Anonymous asked: I do really love your bejminsk's (and will ttly buy one the next chance I get), but it is entirely up to you how you want to do your adopts! Cause at the end of the day you're the who has to draw them and you wanna have fun doing it. However, you could do a few 'test' runs and see what sells best.

thank you anon ill keep that in mind in deed

I think next time ill sell two of each species (one male one female looking) and see which goes first or something like that

Anonymous asked: Are you going to do anymore adopts :)?

Yes I will, not sure if it will only be bejminsk tho this time

I may do skelenbonzes, Nateves, Inkupius and other of my own species. Depends on what people would be more into. 

Same about genders. I did feminin-looking bejminks last time but of course owners were able to make them futas or traps (its their afterall). Next time I may do male-looking ones, or more females. I dont know

What do you think would be best?

Anonymous asked: How do you draw wings?

to be honest im not a wing expert..I rarely draw any

most of the time i base it on the structure of a human arm,

tho for my harpy oc i did it differently because she was featherless

im back home and ready to draw just a lil sick because i ate chocolate

so many tentacles

This goes straight to my heart, I like you too