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As my internet got really bad I spent a lot of time looking and rearranging my old art folder. It’s crazy how even in few months you can get better by just fucking drawing a bunch’o’stuffs.

The one on the left was draw in the beginning of this year (like march or something like it) The lines art so bold and the proportions are really bad LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THAT HEAD. The scar was kinda weird too , like, like just missing a piece of his face. Im really glad I keep progressing.

Practicing sure is one of the best way to get better at art.

And experimenting too. I recently tried different ways to do lighting/shines on my art and I did changed my method. I dont use the pen tool for that anymore but the marker tool and I really like how it comes out.

Leo commission for Suddenshack

the Nellko-Sergei 69 isnt enough fo you?


i got a bunch of messages about it

i promised to slow down aand you guys keep temptiing me

have this silly thing

mal-actual-trash asked: I love the fact two of my favourite artists ship their oc's its amazing keep going

*gross sobbing*

eroberrybell asked: Oh Hi! :D .. I just saw your cookie girls and I fell in love ... Does it brother you if I draw them? :D

of course im not bothered!

Track: Like what you see?
Artist: chesirewolfy