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I don’t really know your characters but i like them … Mostly the masky guy :3

Masky guy? which one? Kdishjins or Rythtsin?

If you want to know more about those two, the werewolves brother and the two othere employees of the bar feel free to check askmonsterlumen where they are answering asks and serving refreshing drinks!

for the rest of my character well Idk XD

Anonymous asked: hey, if you don't mind me asking, how did Radio end up so rude and "you know how"? o.o

Here we are again XD

to say it simply it’s because the girl he loved just didnt wanted him.

but truely it’s not all. You all know how Radio started, a crazy soda addict enderman. That soda really damaged him internally due to the toxines and water in the product. 

He may have managed to get over his addiction and partially heal but his brain remained heavily damaged. The notion of good and bad, his sense of logic and his control of emotion slipped away from him with time.

If he happened to go back to drinking Creeper Pepper it would turn to the worse. But weh whatever Im not active in MC anymore, at least on tumblr

because i can XD

Anonymous asked: Two things; why not have you monster universe as part of the Okloes? That way you can have skelebonz interact there? Annnnd cause Ryth is such a feathery lover, I kinda ship him with your featherless harpy girl cause I could see him giving her her wish for feathers!

The skelenbonz belong to Orklaes, the Okoes is another specie of mine that is in the monster verse, but ya now all the Orklaes content is open and usable in any universe you want it to be in (skelenbonz, aunirans, aleaghors and pets & cattle).

Ryth and Mariarthy could totaly be friend ya tho they prob wouldn’t date, Ryth is too young for my harpy’s liking and Ryth sexuality isn’t decided yet so yeah..maybe he’s into dudes XD

About Mariarthy wishing for feathers i don’t know i made her without feather because feathers are kinda pain in the ass and Im really lazy sometimes XD I like her both with and without. 

find all my open species here

and all my and other people’s open MC fan mobs here

Anonymous asked: Ryth really need a feathery friend he can dance with, he like feather so much after all

Ye definitely XD

No doubt he will have a preferance for harpy people and other bird folks

Anonymous asked: I hope you get some proper nourishment soon! Lack of needed daily nutrients might make it worse and we love you too much to have that happen to you! D:

I know!! Stone keep tellin’ me @A@

thequeenofmugs asked: can skelenbonz have tails?

not normally, but like human irl malformations can happen XD

Anonymous asked: is your cat version based off of a lion?

well it’s not a cat version but a lion version, so yes my lion version is based on a lion XD

Anonymous asked: what is a skelenbonz and how do i get one

a skelenbonz id a specie I created, they are open for creation and here are two helpful post If you want to make one

Skelenbonz basic infos

Skelenbonz special traits

Skelenbonz we mainly made to fit this universe thingy of mine but eh…

Arly’s sonas:

Human/Normal Arly

Monstersona (palette 1 & 2)

Skelensona - SWsona/TellyCat

Anonymous asked: Your persona is always changing! I want to draw a picture for yous but I can't tell how you want to be drawin'. Any help ?

Well Im kinda trying to find one that really appeal to me.


im gonna post soon all my current sona uwu just be patient

thequeenofmugs asked: you are so adorable!! your art is the best


well thank you